The particular mortgage is an authorization manufactured by a debtor so that the individual who lends him money may become the owner of his property in the event he falls in default from the payments of the amount owed.

It is important to note that the particular constitution of a mortgage ensure is carried out through the consent of a judge and with the enrollment of the property registry prior to the Sunarp.

Sign up Requirements


In order for the particular mortgage guarantee to be taken into consideration as valid, it must be given directly by the property owner; in addition to include in its writing the particular fulfillment of an obligation; You should also express the determined quantity of the debt to be canceled. Additionally , the registration of the home loans must be done in seven company days and meet a few requirements:

  • Registration form for the sign up application to be withdrawn on the registry offices.
  • Public or notarial action of mortgage granting.

The sign up of mortgages has increased considerably in recent years nationwide; especially in Lima where they have increased simply by 20% on average. The home loan records in the departments associated with Arequipa, La Libertad plus Lambayeque are those that keep on in the list of this increase. Such as Igura, Piura, Ica plus Juní n, for the embrace mortgage credit.

What to do when canceling your debt?

What to do when canceling the debt?

To pay less home loan; as well as to avoid making unwanted expenses, it is important to carry out the particular mortgage lifting on the decided date; this allows to depart without effect its wording in the public registries and also to finalize the obligation associated with payment or cession from the property; that has been guaranteed with the mortgage with the natural individual or bank; through a moment of will where the loan provider raises it.

Proof of conformity with the raising of the mortgage


After that, you must go to a notary to incorporate said minutes to the notarized public deed; which should have the signature of the lender, which serves as proof of conformity with the lifting of the home loan and also, the volume, file or even electronic record and page of the registration where the home loan is registered. The notary signs the notarial component for registration and finally the particular registration fee is compensated.